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Real Utopias

Friday, April 6th, 2012
One-week Interaction Design Workshop at the Arts Academy of Split, Croatia.

Oliver, Pekko and Christina followed the invitation to host a workshop employing game mechanics to develop critical design tools for real utopias.

During the workshop the team developed  a myriad of micro games employing various perspectives of game design.

We collectively mapped utopian ideas, went for a shit hunt, challenged conventions inside a local supermarket, had our perspectives shifted and foci modified. Our brains were thoroughly blend playing with prototypes of our our week-long workshop.

Challenging Conventions – 3 Micro Games in the local supermarket

One of the modifying devices to help gain new perspectives

This is BrainBlender, a tool and game in one, to collectively develop unconventional ideas

More extensive documentation of the workshop  and its 7-year legacy here: