Below You can find some of YKON's previous projects. Check also the news section of our website for the most current activities.


For a summary of our activities between 2009 and 2017 please have a look at our official activity report. [pdf 6.6 MB]


1.Summit of Micronations
The 7th Amorph! performance art biennale hosted the first »Summit of Micronations«. In August 2003 kings, presidents and representatives of "self made" countries met each other for the first time in Helsinki. The Principality of Sealand, Ladonia, NSK-State, Kingdoms of Elgaland&Vargaland, Transnational Republic and State of Sabotage had agreed to join the summit.

2.Micronations Travelling Agency, Berlin, 2006
Philippe Laserre has pointed out that "the phenomenon of micro-nations can be located between a joke and a serious vision of the future." This is what Ykon intends to bring to light in their new project at Sparwasser HQ, as a contribution to the issues of "Reality Addicts."

3.M8 - Summit of Micronations, Singapore, 2006

YKON's film and installation present fragments from the M8 summit convened by the artists and hosted by Singapore during the Singapore Biennale. Referencing the IMF/World Bank meetings in Suntex City, YKON convened a fictional summit of micronations – the M8. Micronations are small utopian communities of like-minded people operating within or outside the power structures of the world. Micronations exist all around the world in various guises, some proclaiming independence as nation states and living in autonomous spaces such as disused fortress on the sea. M8 explores Singapore as a conference, a forum, and a meeting place where utopias are negotiated.

4.Recognize Me!, Taiwan, 2006
Taiwan: Recognition by ten more countries possible

On November 27, the non-profit advocacy group YKON revealed that it has been secretly negotiating with a number of Microstates and Micronations on full recognition of the sovereignty and independence of Taiwan. Ten out of 35 countries said they would grant recognition, either unconditionally or after certain requirements are met. The negotiations were held on behalf of an undisclosed Taiwan-based organisation.

“This could be an important milestone on the road to Taiwan's re-entry to the United Nations,” YKON spokesperson Tomas Träskman said. “We hope Taiwan will take this generous offer seriously and enter into formal negotiations with the Group of Ten.”

The proposals are being presented to the public at MOCA Taipei between December 2 and February 4, 2006. Taiwanese citizens can also express their support for negotiations with the Group of Ten by signing a petition on display at MOCA. more...

5. YKON GAME(S) 2008-
The focus of our work has been in game development during the last years. Originally just looking for a different format for the Brioni Summit we discovered a potent toolbox for designing playful, participative, chaotic, surprising, emotional processes.

6.Brioni Summit of Practical Utopias  2013
An important initiative of YKON was the organization of a 2nd summit of Micronations in Brioni, Croatia. The Brioni islands used to be Tito´s summer residency where he met heads of states and were the non-aligned movement forged ahead. The Summit has been renamed into "Summit of Practical Utopias". All details can be found on Summit website:

Check also the documentation of the Summit here-->