1.Summit of Micronations

The 7th Amorph! performance art biennale hosted the first »Summit of Micronations«. In August 2003 kings, presidents and representatives of "self made" countries met each other for the first time in Helsinki. The
Principality of Sealand, Ladonia, NSK-State, Kingdoms of Elgaland&Vargaland, Transnational Republic and State of Sabotage had agreed to join the summit.

The opening ceremony of Amorph!03 took place on August 29 in Finlandia House, which hosted the legendary CSCE (aka KSZE) conference in 1975. During the following days the micronations opened temporary embassies at Harakka island. Here the public could obtain detailed information about the micronations, their histories, state of affairs and policies. Some micronations accepted applications for citizenship. During the festival the state representatives gave public lectures and hosted festivities. On August 30, 2003, the »State of Sabotage« was declared accompanied by the unveiling of a monument designed by HR Giger.

Amorph!03 was produced by MUU ry.
Link to official website: www.muu.fi/amorph03