Micronations Travelling Agency
Philippe Laserre has pointed out that "the phenomenon of micro-nations can be located between a joke and a serious vision of the future." This is what Ykon intends to bring to light in their new project at Sparwasser HQ, as a contribution to the issues of "Reality Addicts."

Local inhabitant visiting the Sabotagenplatz, Berlin 2006.

With a playful and infomative-documentary approach, they attempt to reveal political and social realities, which are inscribed in complex clusters like nations, nationalisms, authorities and the debates on democracy. The name of the exhibition "Micronation travelling agency" is also reflecting the ongoing process of YKON, which sees itself as an organically growing and modifying probe.

Sparwasser will become a multifunctional Micronation Travelling Agency for one week, which consists of documentation material, Micronations Selector Program, Reading Room and Travelling on a map of micronations. You can also sign up for a "Micronations Manifesting in Berlin"-tour with the Micronation Travelling Agency. The idea of the tours is to extend the topic of Micronations with the surroundings of the gallery space and to locate and to pin point related phenomena in Berlin. Seats are limited!

Sparwasser HQ, Offensive für Offensive Kunst und Kommunikation Berlin, February 1. - 7. 2006.